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Top Ten Considerations Owners Should Think About When Interviewing Construction Managers

With every project we take on, it is important that the owner feels comfortable with the order of the tasks. Our priority is to make sure that clients are confident in how we take on new projects. Here are 10 questions that you should ask construction managers during an interview.

  1. How is the firm’s financial health?

  2. Do they have specific safety plans in place?

  3. What type of facilities have they previously completed?

  4. How experienced is their project team?

  5. How are their partner relationships with the subcontractors?

  6. What is their collaboration process with their design team?

  7. How often and in what format do they give project updates?

  8. Do they have the resources to staff this project?

  9. How do they track the quality of projects?

  10. Do they have references?

Every construction manager should be able to answer these questions. We use our Higher Standards Method to ensure that every project is a success.


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