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The Design-Build Method of Project Delivery

In construction, there are a few main project delivery methods. One of them is the Design-Build process. The Design-Build approach is a collaborative construction method that makes the project easy to navigate for project owners and involves one point of contact in both the design and construction phases. The point of contact is usually a company or joint venture, and they are responsible for each aspect of the project. Design-Build projects are usually larger and include private and public projects.

There are five steps in the Design-Build method.

  1. Choosing the Design-Builder

  2. Pre-construction Design

  3. Architectural Design

  4. Construction

  5. Post-Construction

The Design-Build method ensures quick project completion and is one of the more economical building options. Each project requires a delivery method that fits its needs. If you have questions about which delivery method is right for your project, call Hydco, and let's discuss the available options.


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