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Stages of the Design-Bid-Build Method

One of the most popular delivery methods includes the design-bid-build method. In this method, the owner has separate contracts for construction and design. Design-Bid-Build is known as the more traditional approach in commercial construction. The contracts are between the owner and contractor, and the owner and architect on these projects. Here are the stages of the design-bid-build method:

The Design Stage- The architect of the project will create drawings of a site plan including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.

The Bidding Stage- The project enters this stage when the site plan is at a state where it can accept bids and the drawings are given to the lowest bidder.

The Construction Stage- The contract begins work with the contractor, the architect, and the owner.

In this method, the responsibilities of each moving part are easy to define because the design team and the contractor are communicating constantly with the owner. Collaboration is key to any project that uses the design-bid-build method.


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